Czech Society of Chemical Engineering

Czech Society of Chemical Engineering (CSCHE) is an independent professional organisation. Its formal founding is dated to 1990; nevertheless, its activity has started in the fifties as the Working Group of Chemical Engineering within the Czechoslovak Chemical Society. CSCHE is a member society of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. Regardless to nationality, education or citizenship, the CSCHE brings together specialists dealing with use, control, design, production, research and development of processes and equipment for chemical and food technologies - generally speaking: process technology.  

The mission of the Society is to provide a multilateral support field and of its development. It enables chemical engineers to interact and communicate with each other and with other disciplines. For this purpose, the series of International Congresses CHISA and National Conferences CHISA has been established with the first meeting already in 1956. These events are alternating every year and thus providing a worldwide platform for contacts, discussions, co-operations etc.  

The CSCHE wishes to be a strong and active society in order to protect and promote professional interests of all its members.